High Blood Pressure May Cause Nasal Bleeding

In patients with high blood pressure, occasional nosebleeds may be experienced at private Esentepe Hospital Ear Nose Throat Service Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kaymakçı, cak Nasal bleeding in high blood pressure is not something to be feared too. However, if it takes a long time and repeats, it should not be neglected. Ancak

Nasal bleedings that can occur due to many reasons can adversely affect one's daily life. Although most nosebleeds are mildly affected, severe and frequent recurrent bleedings should be taken into account and they should be consulted without delay.

He stated that nosebleeds can be experienced in children or adults without age and gender discrimination. Dr. Mustafa Kaymakçı, this situation should not be neglected, he noted. Kaymakçı, especially the frequent bleedings of the person is annoyed by expressing, ini Nose fractures, blowing, nose mixing, use of harmful substances may cause nosebleeds. Sometimes the nose is dry, and then there may be bleeding. Coagulation problems, liver diseases and excessive alcohol intake can also lead to nosebleeds. These drugs should not be used to indiscriminate medication. Üzel

Bleeding should not be thrown back

During the nosebleed, first of all the head should not be thrown back Kaymakçı, nasal into cotton, cloth or napkin is not correct to be noted. Kaymakci, these applications have no effect on the stopping of bleeding, on the contrary, the blood flow to the front of the voicing said, isi During the bleeding, gently clean the nose with cold water. The nasal tip should be pressed between the two fingers, applied a slight pressure and should sit down for a few minutes. A hard blow must be avoided. If bleeding does not stop, if it occurs frequently, if there is a feeling of malaise, nausea and fainting, if breathing is also difficult, if there are additional symptoms such as high fever, then an ENT specialist should be consulted Kan.

Nothing to be afraid of

High blood pressure (hypertension) and hardening of the arteries in the old age, indicating that often cause bleeding, Kaymakçı said, in this case, first of all the blood pressure should be lowered. Kaymakçı, usually due to a drop in blood pressure in the nose, stating that stop, ğ High blood pressure can cause dangerous diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis. In general, high blood pressure due to bleeding in the brain rather than in the brain, acts as a fuse for the body. In other words, nasal bleeding in hypertension is not something to be afraid of. It's an easy bleeding. However, if it takes longer and repeats, it should not be neglected Ancak.

Vascular occlusive procedures are performed

Long-lasting bleeding, if necessary hospitalization of the necessary examinations are made necessary voicing Kaymakçı, tests are done according to the appropriate drugs, he said. Kaymakci, despite the drug in the ongoing surgical treatment of nasal bleeding explained, said: ulaşıl Intervening the bleeding veins, vascular occlusion is done. In other words, the veins that cause bleeding are treated and bleeding is prevented. As a result, nose bleeding is a disease that should be considered. The cause of the bleeding must be investigated and any serious and serious diseases that may lie beneath it should be removed and precautions should be taken. Kan